“Self esteem, Strength
YEAR ENDING MARCH AREA No of villages Boys Girls Total SC/ST
2006 VEDARANYAM 16 623 492 1115 434
2007 VEDARANYAM & MADURAI 35 632 748 1380 276
2008 VEDARANYAM & MADURAI 35 390 660 1050 142
2009 VEDARANYAM & MADURAI 35 402 700 1102 192
2010 VEDARANYAM MADURAI & COIMBATORE 31 370  710 1080 220
We have covered 112 villages in Tamil Nadu so far, taking into consideration villages covered more than in one year. Around 2500 [studying continually from 4th std to 8th std] children, girls and boys, all from rural areas and from poor families have passed through our 8th standard VidyaVikasini project so far.
In all, we have trained a total of 105 local women-teachers participating in our Vidya Vikasini Project. They have developed new self-confidence and capabilities.
Under our special tutorial for students taking the 10th and 12th grade Board examinations we have so far coached 2191 children, utilizing the services of volunteer teachers from private Higher Secondary Schools and even some colleges. The pass percentage is more than 98% besides, the children’s chances of securing admission for higher studies in Arts and Science streams, vocational and professional courses, have increased significantly with their increased level of self confidence.
  Computer literacy for rural children
Since start in 2007 of our Computer literacy project, so far about 6,500 children have acquired basic computer skills. About 1100 -out of these belong to SC/ST category and about 2,000 to the Most Backward category. The remaining are from other backward categories. As a result of our project, these children are now capable of doing basic data entry work for remuneration. Some housewives have also got trained and their families are proud of the newly acquired skills. The scheme has generated employment for 10 women presently and about two dozen previously employed teachers got employments for a decent remuneration after gaining experience at our centers.
  Travel cum Heritage and Culture camps for children
Under this annual program during the annual academic vacation for our children we have been organizing travel camps. In this hugely popular program rural children travel under our care to culturally important places and stay together for three days. Training is imparted in the camps in physical exercises, mental alertness, public speaking, story- telling, singing and chanting, indoor games, yoga and Bharatanatyam. So far around 1045 children have enjoyed and learned new skills in these camps. Ten such camps have been conducted so far in places of historic importance in and around Madurai, Rameswaram, Chennai,Trichy, Kanyakumari and Mysore.
  Women’s and girls’ health and hygiene camps
We have till the beginning brought health and hygiene benefit and knowledge to 3625 women and girl children from around 110 remote villages. In these one-day camps in rural areas we utilize the voluntary services of senior members of medical fraternity who are happy to examine and diagnose large number of rural women and girls from deep interior areas. During the year 2012-13 we conducted 4 siddha medical camps in which 1367 patients were treated with popular and effective and speedy siddha medicines for dengue fever for which the other systems of medicineshave proved to be costlier and time consuming We have so far conducted 15 such camps including 5 Siddha medical camps. 90 % of the beneficiaries are from the Most Backward categories.
  Palliative care for and Comforting poor patients in hospitals
Over the last three years our volunteers have been visiting every week around 300 patients in a big govt hospitals in Palayam Kottai-and Sankaran kovil Thirunelveli district. These patients are indigent and many of them are chronically ill with none to look after them other than hospital staff. Our volunteers comfort them with patient conversation with them, give them fruits and prescribed medicines wherever required. The volunteers also help patients or their relatives with Railway concession, blood donation etc. Home visits after discharge, also are undertaken. Those who are religiously inclined are also offered temple prasadams and sacred amulets etc.
  Maintenance of Places of Worship and other cultural activities
In response to pressing request from rural families in the areas of our operation we identified a number of ancient places of community worship lying derelict, some of which are covered by shrubs and weeds. They have intricate carvings, historically valuable engravings and beautiful sculptures. The surroundings were found dirty and overgrown with weeds. We mobilized volunteers to clean up the surroundings, plant flower gardens and where possible clean up the structures also. So far 21 temples in Thoothukudiand /Thirunelveli districts have been attended to. Local community leaders and temple committee members have been activated to start daily puja so that the devotees can have the satisfaction of visiting these places of worship.
As in the last year a large structured competition among 3000 children was organized in song rendition, chanting of sacred literature including Bhagavad Gita, drama enactment etc culminating in 630 children reaching the finals in December 2015. Parents and teachers were also in attendance at the time of prize distribution to winning child competitors. Rs 80000 worth of prizes comprising largely dictionaries, books, useful articles and emergency rechargeable battery reading lamps were given to the winners.
  Library Project

With a view to encouraging the reading habit among children in rural areas and in response to wishes of the families we had started a small library of books and periodicals in each of two districts-Thirunelveli and Thoothukudi. These are located in our computer literacy centers. The children during their recess time access these books and periodicals for extracurricular reading. We have also arranged for the books to be taken to our VidyaVikasini evening class centers to benefit children who do not attend the computer literacy classes.

With a tied donation of Rs. two lakh, our Foundation has helped establishing a good student library with books on academic subjects as well as and extra curricular books in history, science, our heritage and culture. Essential furniture such as book cup-boards, tables and chairs and fans were also provided. This project was undertaken in Sri Mariamman Higher Secondary school for the benefit of 500 boys and girls.

Toilet Project
  Our toilet project is much sought after in rural schools particularly where they benefit girl children. So far we have completed five projects of toilets and urinals benefitting about 2200 girl children studying in five schools. They are in Thiruturaipoondi taluka of Tiruvarur district, Alangulam taluka of Thirunelveli district.'Girls' toliets in schools tend to reduce absenteeism among girl students in rural areas'.
Yuva Shakthi Project:
  As a new venture, our Foundation financed 10 full day camps conducted in Madurai district during the months January to Sept 14 A total of 60 students ( 28 girls and 32 boys age group 17 to 22, from 18 arts and science colleges, 2 engineering, one nursing and 4 higher secondary schools) participated. The objective of the training camps was to inculcate basic knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of our society in a historical context and to make the trainees productive vehicles of self esteem and motivate them to work in teams at times of need in local areas to protect the weak and to spread harmony.

Special projects taken up and completed in the year 2014

1. A borewell for drinking water and back up inverter completed and handed over to Grama Committee Higher Sec. school, situated in remotely located Reddiarpatti Village of Thirunelveli district for the benefit of 1800 boys and girls.
2. A new concrete over head drinking water tank completed at Nallur – Aladipatti high school- Alangulamtaluka-Thirunelveli district for the benefit
of 400 students.
3. Back up inverter provided at Sri Mariamman Hindu Higher Secondary school, Sattankulam, Thuthukudi district. for the benefit of laboratory and computer training class room.


Special projects taken up and completed in 2015

The Foundation established in the Gram Committee Higher Secondary School, Reddiarpatti village in Thirunelveli district, a complete computer laboratory with 10 new computers of latest configuration, a class room computer projector, inverter and an audio system. This project, benefiting 1800 boys and girls, was made possible by a special tied donation of Rs two lakhs.
The Foundation also equipped the existing rudimentary science laboratory in the Hindu Higher Secondary School in Alangulam village of Thirunelveli district, with modern laboratory instruments and furniture. A special tied donation od Rs two lakhs financed this project.

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