“Self esteem, Strength
  Pujya Shri Datta VIjayananda Saraswathi Swamiji of Shri Ganapathi Sachchidannda Ashram:
  “The Bharat Heritage Foundation deserves all praise and encouragement for its rural development programs which also impart to rural children knowledge of their heritage and culture”.
  Pujya Sri Ooran Adigalar from Vadalur:
  “I am happy to hear children irrespective of caste distinctions chanting Bhagavad Gita and Thevaram with great enthusiasm. This has created a sense of self esteem in the children and their parents. The Foundation deserves to be congratulated for its efforts;
The focus of the Foundation on Siddha diagnosis and medicines in countering the dreadful Dengue fever in remote villages is laudable. This treatment is within the easy financial reach of poor families.
  Beneficiary girls and boys with their parents and the management of the school in Raddiarpatti village of Thirunelveli district:
  “We are deeply thankful to the Foundation for having provided much required drinking water bore well with abundant water supply for about 1800 students studying in the school as our earlier efforts to dig bore wells in 3 locations failed”.
  Beneficiary girl children and their mothers in Mayamankuruchi and Reddiarpatti villages of Thirunelveli district
“We are deeply thankful to the Foundation for raising funds and constructing hygienic toilet facilities for use of girls in remote schools. This is a much-needed program.”
Panchayat President, Reddiarpatti village, Thirunelveli district:
“The focus of the Foundation on Siddha diagnosis and medicines in countering the dreadful Dengue fever in remote villages is laudable. This treatment is within the easy financial reach of the poor families.”
  Sri Srinivasan and Sri Sampathkumar, famous Sansrit scholars of Kanchipuram:
“It is amazing to hear children irrespective of the so-called caste distinctions chanting Bhagavad Gita with great enthusiasm. This has added a sense of self esteem in the children nd their parents. The Foundation deserves to ve congratulated for its efforts.”
  Swami Krishnananda, Head of AkhandaParipurnaSachichidanandaSabha, Chennai
“The approach of Bharat Heritage Foundation to impart cultural knowledge to children is very much appreciated.”
A mother on our Vedaranyam village center evening classes:
“I find the children are better in their personal cleanliness and manner of behaviour after
attending the evening classes of the Foundation”.
  "Their school performance has of course improved a lot".
  Head mistress of Kasturbha Kanya Gurukulam, Vedaranyam, founded by Sardar Vedaratnam,
the renowned freedom fighter of Vedaranyam:
“The tutorial classes for the 10th and the 12th Grade under-privileged girl students are praiseworthy.
They fulfill a great need”.
  Retired Headmaster of a Middle school and recipient of the President’s award for the best teacher:
“The Foundation’s project element of fortnightly teacher training for the evening classes instructors,
is unique. It has significantly improved their teaching skills and helps greatly in inculcating good value
system also to the children”.
A Parent of a beneficiary child in Kattankulam village in Vadipatti taluk of Madurai district:
“The Vidya Vikasini evening classes of BHF, for children are fruitful and effective in imparting sound
knowledge of the syllabus to the children; the regular schools where they study usually promote
all of them mechanically upto the 10th grade”.
  A computer teacher employed in a government school in Samayanallur in Madurai district:
“In government schools even students in the 12th grade who opt for computer science are not
permitted to use the computer for more than half an hour in a week. In the BHF project,
students from the 6th grade onwards are using computers for 2 hours every week with personal care
and attention. The learning process is therefore effective”.
  A girl from Adanur village in Vedaranyam taluk of Nagapattinam district,
who is doing computer classes under the BHF project:
“We are thrilled to learn to use the computer, especially the Internet”.
Event Manager, Vadamalayan Hospital, Madurai, during the women gynae camp at
Kachaikatti village, Madurai district:
“Primary health and hygiene in rural areas need to be addressed effectively and urgently;
government agencies are not able to cover the huge rural population. Our hospital is ready to extend
our services in coordination with BHF, to reach remote areas”.
  Senior Staff of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari:
“I observed the discipline of the 120 children for three days of the heritage camp of BHF, in
the class room and in the dining hall etc. I congratulate BHF for providing a good environment and
opportunity to these poor rural children and for laying a sound foundation for their growth”.
  Correspondent of Sri Kasturba Kanya Gurukulam, Vedaranyam:
“The puppet show is an unique feature of the services provided by BHF not only to educate
and entertain rural masses but to preserve this ancient art form of the State”.
  Head master of Government High school, Edayur village, Tiruturaipundi taluka, Tiruvarur district:
  I appreciate the exemplary role of BHF in organizing integrated program of tutorials, computer literacy for children and womens health camps for family women. The majority of students in our school belong to the SC category. They are greatly benifted by the BHF projects. It is most welcome to hear that BHF is considering construction of toilets for our girl students.
  Panchayat president, Mazhavarayanatham village, Srivaikuntam taluka, Tuticorin district:
  Inexpensive ancient Indian Siddha medical treatment for usual ailments in our villages, introduced by BHF is most welcome and timely. Poor villagers will be greatly benefited as the program continues.
  DR R. Vijaya Gopal, MBBS,DCH- Ramaswami Clinic-Sholavandan,MADURAI DIST.
  "I admire the organizers of BHF for reaching the needy and poor people of remote villages like Thacham patthu"
  "BHF Volunteers have done excellent spade work to create awareness of the benefit of attending the Health Camp. The focus of the camp was rightly "WOMEN AND CHILDREN"-


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